Digital growth

Your online bussines relies on your website. Everything matters, from landing page, content, user experience, page speed, and many others. We take care of everything, from website concept and creation, to bringing customers through that website.

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Website Creation

We create digital brands, online shops, presentation websites on WordPress, the most reliable platform. From idea to concept and the final result, a selling website. Every little aspect matters, and we know them all.

Search Engine Optimization

Tired of paying for Google Ads? Do you want to rank on the first page for your money keywords? Search Engine Optimization is the key, but it is also a long and complex proccess. Implemented by our team, it will release you from the burden of paid ads and will release the power of organic traffic.

Website Audit

If you have a website, and you are not sure if it is right for your business, we can come up with a report, wich will give you answers to your questions. Is the design nice? It is responsive? What is the Google Speed score? What can be improved? Let's find out.

Marketing Campaigns

A new online business needs targeted traffic. The fastest way is through PPC campaings. We create tailored ads on Google, Facebook, Linkeding or Instagram to achieve our client's goals, like conversions, leads, calls etc.

Website Mentainance

Your website is on good hands after it's delivered. We take care of the updates, and other maintenance related tasks so you can be sure that your website is up and running all the time. You will never have to worry about your website. We will be taking care of everything.

Social Branding

Online presence also means social media. By updating your social channels on a daily basis, you ensure a high interaction rate with your followers. If you don't have many of them, we can also deliver quality followers for your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other social profiles you want to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your type of business. Most of the times,  any online business needs SEO. If people are searching for your product or service on Google, then you could get organic trafic by ranking high on the money keywords. To tell you a yes or no answer, you need to tell us more about your business so we can conduct a keyword research.

If you have an old website or a new one but you are not sure if it is ready for marketing efforts, you should request a website audit from us. We will analize your website for more than 20 factors and will provide a full report on the problems we found, or if we found any. If we won’t find problems, you’re lucky. You have a website ready to receive visitors.

Yes. Facebook and Google Ads, are a fast way to receive targeted traffic and generate conversions rapidly. If you have a new website (store, presentation site, etc) and need traffic that converts, this is the first place to get it. This will bring you calls, leads, customers as long as you maintain your ad budget live.

If you already have content for the homepage, and all the inner pages (services page, individual service page, product descriptions, blog posts, banners, photos, videos- depending on the required type of content) it will take 3 to 7 working days. If content is not available and we need to wait for it or create it for you, then the timeframe could be larger. 

Websites aren’t cheap. A cheap website will be an incomplete one. We evaluate every website differently, depending on the type of bussines, niche, extra options, and other aspects. For example a site for presenting your fotos could be somewhere between 400 and 1000 euro while an online shop with various functions and hundred of products, could cost more than 5000 euro. 

SEO is expensive and not any business owner can afford it. While it is not cheap, on the long term it will bring you more value than paid traffic. Establishing a price for a SEO campaign differs from keyword to keyword. If a keyword has 1000 searches per month and a high competition, the price will be higher than a keyword with 1000 searches but low competition. A keyword with 100k monthly searches could mean big business but also will require bigger efforts to reach the top 10. You could calculate how many searches that keyword group has and multiply it with the CPC of a visitor coming from Google Ads. That is the total ammount of money that would cost to get all that search volume through paid ads.With SEO you won’t get it all, but if you’re no1 on those keywords, you can take more than 50% of that search volume through organic placement on the first page. If you need more details about a specific SEO campaign, ask us.

Bidding on Google Ads for competitive keywords can also be expensive. There are also keywords that can bring traffic by paying a low cpc, like 10cents. Keywords for lawyers, insurance companies. doctors and other competitive ones, can cost a few dollars or dozens of dollars per click. If you can afford to pay for the clicks, you will get traffic that converts really well, taking into consideration the type of bunsiness. Paying for PPC brings fast results at a cost. SEO is an alternative for high bidding keywords.

Normaly you should. PPC bring instant results while working for SEO will rank you on the first page organicly, in time. On the moment when you will  organicly rank for the same keywords for which you are paying now, you will be able to stop PPC campaings. Till then, let them both work. 

Paid traffic stops when you don’t have money to maintain your ads live. While through SEO, you will appear in a time-frame of 3-12 months (depending on many factors) on the first page without paying everyday for ads. Your site will get traffic everyday. You paid once for SEO, and will be getting traffic for years to come, or as long as you have your website online.

If you build a website with us, you will never have to worry about changing things on your website. We can offer a monthly package of changes/updates so whenever you need to add or modify something, all you need to do is e-mail us. Even if you didn’t built your website with us, you can still bennefit of this package. Just write us. 

The ammount of time needed to get on the first page of Google, on a specific keyword, is determined by many factors, all togheter forming the keyword difficulty. For keywords with hugh difficulty, getting on the first page can take some time, in most cases over a year. Keywords with lower search volumes (under 1000 searches per month) with less competition, can have an estimated time frame of 3 to 8 montsh. There are a lot of variables and a right answer can only be given by analyzing in details the specific keywords.


Website speed has direct impact over traffic and conversions. A website that sells, should load in 2 seconds, 3 tops. Every second more, counts and determines the user to leave the website. Google has a page where you can see the actual speed of your site, or inner pages, also recommendations.

Like almost everything, your website also needs attention on a regular basis. Maintaining the platform and plugins up to date, you ensure your website functions properly and there are no inconveniences for your users.

Your content should be just fine if you don’t engage in shady tactics like hiding texts, stuffing keywords in your paragraphs, copying content from other websites etc. Stay true to your visitors and only provide related and important content like product/service description, price list, blog articles giving advice about your product or services, video content etc.

Without backlinks Seo won’t be really functioning right but also you need to pay attention on what backlinks you attract to your website. Remember that number is not important. Quality over cantity is the answer. Only create relevant backlinks on websites related to your topic. Avoid link exchange and any black hat techniques. This is how backlinks can become dangerous and could attract a penalty for your website.

Yes. No matter your type or business, you should have a facebook page. Facebook is more than a social network and your prospects are also there. Maybe you won’t sell on facebook directly, but as long your audience is there, you can interact with them by many forms, resulting in a conversion later. Don’t neglect other networks, such as Instagram, Youtube, Pinteres. Try to find a way to use these networks and if you don’t know how exactly, call for proffesional help.

That’s a good question and the answer is pretty simple. Paying for traffic means constant investment in paid ads. Once you stop those ads, traffic stops coming to your website. Through SEO, once you get on the first page of Google, you will get almost the same organic targeted traffic you get from Google Ads, free. If your business works now with Google Ads, that’s great but you should not keep all your eggs in the same basket. Work on SEO while you get conversions through Google Ads, but do it wisely. Don’t go after the hottest keywords, or the more generic ones.

With SEO, you pages will rocket on the first page of Google, if the strategy was good and your backlinks were quality ones. But that doesn’t mean you will be there for eternity. If you stop paying attention to your SEO, maybe some competitor will get ahead, or some of your links will dissapear, and also ypur possitions. Constantly check your pages, your backlinks and positions and give a link or 2 once in a while. 

SEO is a complex proccess, that requires a lot of work, in different areas, from website specifics, to creating various types of content. Creating links is not free, and most of the time you will have to pay for links (even if Google says buying links is not ok), this is how it works. 

There are a lot o people involved in a SEO campaing, and the ammount of necessarry resources is high. But the rewards for your business are also high on the long run.

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If you need any of our services, all you need to do is press the button bellow. By requesting a quote you will get a dedicated offer, after we've analized your website.

Why work with us ?

We are a team of skilled professionals who can take care of every aspect of online business and presence. No problem it’s big enough for us. Your business it’s on good hands.

Understand your needs

Before starting the engines firstly we have to understand every need and aspect of your business.

remain responsive across devices

Every website needs to be responsive for all devices, that’s one of the most aspect for user experience. Your users and also Google requires your website to be fully responsive.

We take care of our client business needs even in motion

If you need any of our services, all you need to do is press the button bellow. If you need any of our services, all you need to do is press the button bellow. By requesting a quote you will get a dedicated offer, after we've analized your website.

What our clients say?

Raises credibility and minimalizes human error.

Having just started here Generator eliminates the guess work enabling me to focus on my clients rather than worry about missing the next step.

Generator really helped me sizzle and I love the price comparison.

Freddie Oswald
C.E.O - Umbrella INC.

ave had the pleasure of working with Generator since its inception and applying it across sales decks in three different countries and sales demographics and find it to be an invaluable tool in helping modernize and professionalize sales processes. I have found it also led to steady increases in production due to its stabilization of process execution and useful analytics. Great product and a great team to work with…highly recommended!

Grace F. D.
VP Sales & Marketing, Cranberry Resorts

They were bowled over absolutely and said, my god, what a superb system – big congrats to your team.

Everyone is using Generator and they all love it.

Generator makes a novice look like a professional.

It really gets the point home but not by the usual salesman scenario, it’s light-hearted, customer friendly, fun and very interactive and gives a much more manageable standard presentation without appearing to do so.

Andrew John

Company Credibility is awesome! The graphics have great impact. The product explanation is easy to understand and very entertaining. Its yew refreshing to see the prospects instantly captivated.

Retains clients attention as involves them much more. Relaxes them into our time together

Many clients have been on presentations before and introducing them to our company through Generator grabs their attention, keeps them excited and makes us different from the rest.

Stefan P.


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