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SEO quote by Larry Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Google Inc.
"Always deliver more than expected."

Preparing the landing page

This is what users see after clicking on ads or any other Google listings. There are many features that a landingpage should have in order to convert targeted traffic.

SEO Onpage

After we prepare the landing page, design and content, we do SEO Onpage activities. We optimize texts, images, metadata, all for the next step ->> OFF Page SEO

Choosing the right keywords

This is probably the most important part of a SEO campaign. Targeting the wrong meywords can lead to disaster. We make sure we pick the right keywords, that can convert best.

SEO Offpage

Now we are ready for OFFPage SEO, where we create authority for your domain and/or pages. Not any link will do good, so we only create contextual and quality links.

SEO advantages

SEO can give your business a boost and also be a reliable long term profit generator. 

Among others, this is why you should optimize you website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.

Because you don’t have to pay for each click, after you managed to rank your site on first page on different keywords, your marketing budget will thank you. 

Receiving clicks from targeted search querries, means you don’t have to pay for Google Ads anymore, thus a big chunk of your budget will remain in house. 

Because each search querry brings the visitor to a relevant page, conversion rates tend to be much higher when comparing SEO traffic with other type of traffic. And because you don’t pay for clicks, conversion rates could be higher than any other marketing channel.

Let’s say you sell pizza in East London. When someone searches “pizza delivery East London” and finds your site on the first page, it gives your brand credibility. There are dozens of pizza places but only 10 listing spots on Google first page for any keyword.

Each time they search for a product and they find you, helps to boost both credibility and awareness.

Perfect optimization gets you long term results and stability. A well maintaned seo profile will generate you business over time, for years to come. 

SEO is good for any business

  • HoReCa

    SEO is a must for hotels, restaurants and cafes. You could get more clients, more reservations and exposure with perfect optimisation.

  • Constructions

    Small business or medium, you need online presence. A website is ideal to present your brand and services, but you will need traffic in order to sell.

  • Professionals

    Accountant, lawyers, doctors, actors, photographers, musicians, programmers, designer, chef, electrician, and other professionals could beneffit of organic traffic from Google, through SEO.

  • IT&C

    If you struggle to cope with expensive ppc bills, SEO could save thousand of euros over time. Selling big stocks of products can be enhanced with SEO.

  • Industry

    SEO can bring results for light or heavy instrusties, agriculture, energy, environment, foundations, finance, transport, textiles, reciclyng, sports, real estate, etc.

  • Online shops

    How can you sell online if you don't have traffic to your store? Paying for Google Ads can be really expensive for some niches. SEO is a good alternative to get your products in front of your customers, when they search it on Google.






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SEO Q and A


SEO stand for “Search Engine Optimization” and represents all the required tasks to rank on first page of Google, on your specified keywords.

With Onpage SEO you enhance the content of your pages by taking into account a few important factors like formatting the content properly, optimizing images and any other multimedia content.

OffPage SEO refers to activities made outside of your website, where you try to create autorithy in order to rank higher.

While through PPC you get clicks instantly, working on SEO takes a lot of time.

On low competiton keywords it can take more than 3 months, while ranking on more competitive keywords is harder and sometimes takes more than a year.

You can do SEO and boost your rankings from page 15 to page 3 whitout getting any traffic at all. Once you get the first page you will start to receive traffic and see palpable results.

SEO is expensive, but it gives rewards for many years, if done properly. 

While ranking on low keywords can cost a few thousand per campaign, on high competiton keywords, you will have to invest more to overcome those on the first page already. 

Creating content for SEO and links, has costs. 

This topic is a long one. There any more than 200 factors that impact Google rankings. Each one is important, but some have a bigger impact. We know all of them and make sure we pass every single one of them. From factors related to content, speed, links to user experience, social proof and branding. SEO evolves. 

Backlinks are links posted on other websites, linking to other domain, in this case, yours. This is one of the main activities of SEO and without links is hard to rank on high competiton keywords. In some cases, you could rank on low keywords just by doing OnPage SEO, but where the money keywords are, is harder and you need to build autorithy by getting backlinks. Offcourse, not any link is good, so here is an entire science. Don’t mess with backlinks! 

If your website was build 10 years ago, it may need a redesign. 

Having a good looking website is really important. This is what users will se when they click your site in a Google search queary. If you pay for SEO, you want to make sure your website looks modenr, user oriented and has the right content and call to action. We check your pges and make recommendations after analyzing every aspect that matters.

Through Google Ads you can get a shortcut to the first page by creating ads and bidding for targeted visitors. When someone googles the service you offer, in your area, through Google Ads, your ad will come up and could get to a click and conversion. 

Every click you get from Google Ads, has a cost. In some niches can be 1 euro per click, in some niches could be 15 euro per click. So if you get 100 clicks per day, you have to pay Google 100 euro (if click is 1 euro) or 1500 (if click is 15 euro).

Through SEO , you work on getting on the first page, organicly, not by bidding on Google Ads.

But SEO takes time. If you have a new website, firstly is nowhere. Than it gets on the bottom o Google, and naturally getting up. This takes time but when you’re on the first page, you can get hundreds and hundreds of clicks, free every day. It’s true, you paid for SEO but now you;re on the first page, you’re getting free trafic, for long time to come.

If your product or service is searched on the internet, than you could benefit from SEO. 

Make sure you search related keywords that people use to search for what you offer. You can even make a Google Ads campaign. If you get clicks and they convert, than SEO will most probably do the same. 

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What people say?

At first I didn't understand what SEO is and how can it help me. These guys helped me understand everything and after a few months i started to get calls for differents services.
Cristina L
Ceo & Founder Crix
SEO changed the way I sell my services. Now most of my clients are coming from my website, through organic traffic. I also use PPC but investing in SEO was worth it.
Adam C
Head Of Sales , GOldnet

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